The new and improved Big Bear Alpine Zoo is now open! All of the zoo’s residents have been relocated into their new homes and seem to be loving it. The new location of the zoo, a project years in the making, is quite a step up from it’s former location near the base of Bear Mountain Ski Resort.

A large paved loop makes it easy for everyone, especially parents pushing strollers, to see the animals in their enclosures.  The park halfway through the loop is a great place to let the kids play and watch the Grizzly Bears. The gift shop and information center offers several treasures and souvenirs. Zoo volunteers are readily available to answer questions and teach you about the animals.

Black bears, grizzly bears, mountain lions, snow leopards and eagles are just a few of the many animals on display.  The new exhibits make it easier than ever to get a close up look at all the creatures. You might get to see the bears take a dip in their swimming hole or the mountain lions eat thier lunch. Some of the animals on display may change from month to month as the Big Bear Alpine Zoo is a rehabilitation facility for injured animals and animals that can’t make it on their own. Some of the zoo’s residents are there temporarily, some permanently, depending on their situation.  Animals that are rehabilitated are released back into the wild whenever possible. The animals that can’t make it on their own remain at the zoo.

The Big Bear Alpine Zoo is a “must see” when visiting Big Bear. It is an affordable and family-friendly option for all. For more information visit: And if you’re looking for a place close to the zoo, search Moonridge homes for sale here.