Castle Rock Trail is one of the most popular hiking trails in Big Bear with good reason; the view from the top is breathtaking. Located on the southwest end of Big Bear Lake, the 2.6 mile “out and back” trail is rated “moderate” in terms of difficulty, but worth every single one of those uphill steps. It is not uncommon to see some of the local wildlife on the trail, which is always a treat. Hikers who reach the base of the majestic Castle Rock are rewarded with stunning panoramic views of Big Bear Lake.  For those that are not afraid of heights and can make their way up the towering rock, the views are even more rewarding. Sunrises and sunsets viewed from Castle Rock are spectacular and will not disappoint.

The local legend surrounding Castle Rock is a little more on the sad, albiet romantic, side. The legend tells the tale of a young Serrano Indian woman who was in love with a hunter in her tribe. When the hunter was gone on hunting trips, the beautiful young woman would climb to the top of Castle Rock, eagerly watching and waiting for his return. Each time he would come into view she would scale her way down and run to greet him. One day, the young hunter did not return from his hunting trip. She watched and she waited.  As days turned into weeks, it was clear that her hunter would not return to her. Unable to imagine life without her one true love, she climbed to the top of Castle Rock and threw herself over the edge so that she could be reunited with the hunter in the happy hunting ground.