Beep Beep, Look Out for That Sheep!

Big horned sheep are not new to the Big Bear area. Although you really have to keep an eye out for them-they are sometimes hard to see as they blend in with their habitat. They have been spotted for years on the mountain sides off of Highway 18 between Big Bear City and Lucerne Valley. Herds of the majestic animals can be seen bouncing back and forth between ledges as small as 2 inches wide! It is a sight and delight to behold.

Recently, there have been reports of the animals spotted on the mountain sides, and sometimes in the middle of lanes, off of Highway 38 between Big Bear City and Redlands, close to Forest Falls. Another excellent reason to take things slow when you’re driving any mountain roads.  Big horned sheep are most active during the day as they forage for food and water.  With the small amount of precipitation we have received in Southern California this year, it makes one wonder if they are moving to find water. There is always water running in the creek behind Mountain Home Village.

Fun Facts:

Male big horned sheep are call rams, females are ewes. Rams have large horns that curl back and around their ears. They can weigh over 200 pounds (which makes balancing on that 2 inch ledge even more remarkable).  The lifespan of a ram is about 9-12 years.

Female sheep are called ewes. Ewes are a bit small than their male counter parts. Their horns are also smaller and only curl about half way round.  The females outlive the males with a lifespan that averages 10-14 years.

Baby big horned sheep are called none other than…LAMBS!  And they are so darn cute! Lambs are usually born between February and June. They weigh about 8-10 pounds at birth and are up and walking around at just a day or two old.